35cm dish indoors

This is interesting, but gives zero details on how or if it is possible to purchase this unit…( the antenna).

Right, and it doesn’t even hint at what it’s “gain” would be compared our experiments with the bare maverick or dual band lnb.

I don’t even know what our lnb feedhorns have as a “gain” figure compared to a reference 1/4 wave element.

The horn on the LNB is 13 dBi.


Jim, you may find this interesting, pertinent Mr. Wyler’s antenna: Download PDF 20180062268

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More information on what a SpaceX starlink hardware may look like… this may be the aircraft terminal .

Just to add my two cents. At the time of purchase, it was $60 cad. A great portable unit from Digwace.

Sorry didn’t see that this item was posted also in thread " 35cm Satellite Dishes for Sale - $50 shipped (USA only)"

We could start offering them at this price, but shipping is what kills the total price for customers. How much did you pay for shipping?