35cm Satellite Dishes for Sale - $50 shipped (USA only)

Ahh bummer, I’m late too. Would love one.

Indoor reception here went from -10 dB using my homemade, quick-and-dirty feedhorn to -2 dB with this dish. Both are/were pointing through a narrow window while sitting on the floor. I had the dish pointed through an open door initially in order to get the mounting angles correct, and the SNR was as high as +7 dB.

I may be able to receive through the leaves this summer.

We have another 35cm dish, but it’s nowhere as polished as the Chinese ones. I can also part with those, if there is interest. We may end up selling them as a regular product.

Hey Syed,

The new 35mm dish works great. Better reception than the 19" Direct-TV dish. I’m getting SNR +7.25. I hardly had to point it; Just eyeballed the 2, side by side. I think this one is a winner! Mounted it on medium duty photo tripod. I send pic next post.

If I had to guess, I would say that the reason that the 35cm dish performs better than the 48cm DirecTV dish is because it has a broader beam width, which makes it easier to point. It’s really easy to be outside of the 3 dB beam width on a very high gain antenna.

Of course, the 35cm antenna may actually be more efficient (better coating, etc), which could make up for the difference in aperture size between the antennas.

Still waiting on the PayPal link.

I am glad you showed a picture of assembled unit. The extra arm that is in the box must be to mount it to a mast/pole instead of the suction cup.

That is correct. Along with the mast mount clamp and U-bolt and long cap screw. Also with the L screw and knob, I used the mast mount clamp and cap screw to attach to platform of photo tripod. Perfect.

Uggh, if you find any more I would love one.

Can you give us a link to find it on the internet please? (I’m in Europe so I can ask you to ship it to me x) )

@Syed, let me know if you come across anymore, thanks.

Hello all - - I have a Direct TV 46 x 53 cm dish with mounts and Dual LNB Model 18LNBR0-04 available.

If anyone wants it - - just reimburse me for shipping from Washington, DC. Ken

@kenbarbi if you still have it, I’ll pay to ship it 2 states north of you. Thank you.

Steve, communicate with me at [email protected] to arrange details. Ken

I’ll take one if you have one left.

Sorry - - no. I sent my Direct TV dish/LNB to Vlad. Ken