3D printable LNB Holder / Mount


Well i wouldn’t use ABS, use PETG. It doesen’t warp while printing and is also heat resistant. Infill of 20% at 0.2mm or smaller would be ok.
It also doesen’t smell so bad.


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Good evening everyone!

I made some changes to the model as suggested.

  • made the middle part (where the EL mounts) 10mm longer so the wing nut clears
  • added two holes (4mm,head up to7mm) to the pole mount so you can screw it into a Wall
  • changed the form of the EL so the LNB can be rotated (SKEW) even when the connector is off center
  • added a new part: A optional stand that replaces the pole mount

Update: New STLs are now on Thingiverse

I will upload the STLs to Thingiverse shortly, here are two renders:

regards from Cologne,
Manuel - DO5TY


More on Globe Mounting

Using an 8 inch diameter clear plastic globe with a 4 inch entry hole (I had to make a cutout to get the Dreamcatcher board inside),

I was able to insert the Dreamcatcher, LNB, and Lipo to run Skylark 5.5.

I placed the globe on a small glass kitchen storage dish, and was quickly able to rotate the globe to get the correct azimuth, elevation, and skew. I can reach a finger inside the bottom to use the touch screen.

If you position the access hole on the bottom, then the globe becomes water resistant. If you used a white plastic globe, you could achieve stealth if you want to hide your gear. Ken


Way back in the L band antenna days… I found that routing of the coax anywhere near the receiver chip on the printed circuit board caused a loss of signal.

The package you show is the closest mounting I have seen between the coax/lnbf/dreamcatcher. Have you noticed any bit-rate loss related to the proximity of the components in your setup ?


Not in this case - - % Valid packets are 99%, packet rate is about 10.3, and Bitrate is about 20000. It’s raining and snowing here, buy my SNR is -11,25 dB and Rssi is -76 dBm. Ken