A Message From Lantern Backers Who Never Received a Grunion To Sayed Karim


Why in the world are you selling products right now on othernet dot io when you’ve been telling lantern backers fro 5 years that there is nothing ready to give them for the hundreds of millions you took from them? If I find out you’re scamming me it will be the most expensive 100 dollars you ever stole.
You either gibe me 100 dollars worth of what I paid 100 dollars for 5 years ago, which you are now unbelievable selling (for 49 dollars) under a different delaware registered business name, or your going to see another post about your newly named company on prweb, about a law suit filed against you. The money is not a factor for me as much as the principal, so rest assured I will spend much more than the 100 dollars to inform others of exactly what you’re doing with the millions you took. Be happy I"m not pushing for interest, or taking it to a common law court level, where any statute of limitations irrelevant. It’s only a hundred dollars but I’d imagine there are about 5000000 people who you did the same thing to, so consider my sentiment on behalf of what is right, rather than solely for my personal vindication.


Well, Outernet had to change the Name to Othernet as far as i know because some random Company had the same name etc.

I think they will ship Products to the Backers as soon as the Hardware is final. They are working on finding the best solution and hopped from ku to L-Band and now back to KU. They will wait untill the Service is useable worldwide what is logical for me.



@Tysonpower is correct. We were legally required to change our name due to an existing trademark. We’ve consistently offered either refunds to backers or offered them the current version of Dreamcatcher in lieu of Lantern. Of the 7000 backers, about 10% of have been refunded. Only 10 or so backers have wanted a Dreamcatcher instead of a Lantern. We had nowhere near hundreds of millions of dollars from the Indiegogo campaign. It was less than $700,000, which is wildly less than the amount necessary to develop, manufacture, and ship 7000 Lanterns, not to mention the ongoing bandwidth costs.

Yes, it has been a really long time, but we haven’t given up, as you can see from the activity on this forum. We have every intention of bringing a finished product to market, which is what all of our backers will receive.

I’m happy to refund your money. Please contact “[email protected]” and include the email address associated with your Paypal account.


That’s the problem, syed. After five years, maybe you should have the integrity to give up instead of letting your backers wait and wait and wait. Wtf?

How long are you prepared to let your backers wait? Seven years? Ten years?

The fact that you neither state nor show a limit to how long you’ll personally-- as a business – allow your customers to wait shows us you don’t care.


@spacebar To tell a project after 5 years of labor to “just give up” is the most rediculous thing I have read on the internet in the past week, which is quite a challenge to live up to.

Why would they give up? He clearly said everyone was offered a refund, but only 10% opted to do so, and then 10 accepted alternate hardware, which leaves 89+% of backers who still believe in the project and want the final product.

Why should Othernet give up just because a few of you are jaded and didn’t know you could ask for a refund? Just get your refund.


Please everyone - - Othernet is being operated on a low budget. They need time to develop their ultimate goal. If anyone feels they didn’t get their due - - send Syed an e mail at [email protected] to get a refund. Syed will be more than happy to reimburse you for your trouble. Ken


From my perspective, I’m still pleased and excited in the direction the project is going (and can’t wait for the results of the European operation following the recent tests), however I would say there is a need for better, more frequent updates from Othernet. I’m fully aware timescales change and I know it can be frustrating to put out news only for it to change the following month but I believe there would be greater understanding form everyone if they have some engagement and oversight of plans/schedules.

I must admit I was surprised to stumble across the news about the European operation accidentally on a thread recently rather than by a mailshot/IndieGogo blog update. I appreciate it is a small team and recognise they are doing a fantastic job (along with all the great info on this forum from key people - Ken etc.) but it would still be good to get something like a monthly update in one single thread on the forum, for instance, so that there is a single place to return to. This should include progress over the last month, plans for the following month and mid/long term milestones if possible.

@Syed, is that feasible? I know in the past you’ve highlighted that each update you put out resulted in a big time impact as you had to address a variety of questions arising from it hence the idea of putting it out on the forum rather than the blog so that other people can contribute where appropriate.

I’m still looking forward to assessing the viability of using these in the field in disaster response situations in the future. I’m currently supporting Team Rubicon UK’s efforts out in Mozambique and always saw the value of Outernet/Othernet in exactly these scenarios when the mobile infrastructure has gone down so good luck. It sounds like you’re getting close.



Agree…more than happy to wait, I’m very excited about what Othernet will eventually become - I know that there’s only a small team involved, and these things take time.

I’d also like there to be more updates as well, even if we only get a short monthly update, and a more-detailed quarterly update too :-)…I think that would silence the doubters!


Is this project going to be irrelevant in few years once this is operational:


@1bit - Othernet might become irrelevent, or it might update/reinvent/pivot… just like everything else on the internet.

Sometimes you (buy | invest in | speculate on) a technology early, knowing that the incarnation you buy will be pretty crappy, but also knowing that it’ll light a fire under the industry. Anyone remember early Android phones? A decade later, we have pretty amazing little computers in our pockets and choices are endless.

I suspect that Amazon’s offering is going to be more like regular internet service; othernet could still have a role as an anonymous and free source of knowledge from the sky.


Other than suffering from unbelievable boredom, interest in receiving incredibly poor quality audio from VOA and/or reading endless wiki words, I don’t understand why anyone in the US or any other reasonably developed country in the world would buy and keep a dreamcaster.

For the (current $49) same price, you can buy an AM/FM/SW radio from Amazon and get far more from it.

Consider buying something like this:

Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power,Dynamo Crank, Wind Up Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Flashlight,Reading Lamp and Cellphone Charger, Yellow

If you do, the audio will be much much better, it will work when the power goes off and you get a flashlight!

I gave my insomnia caster to a friend. He listened for a few of days and passed it along to a Linuxhead that plans to re-purpose it into something useful.