Access via Ethernet

I plugged a USB to Ethernet adapter instead of the WiFi dongle. Via a switch I have connected a laptop. Unfortunately the laptop does not receive an IP address. Does the Skylark DHCP server not assign IP addresses for Ethernet?

The Dreamcatcher only works as a client as far as i know when using somethign else then Wifi.

@kenbarbi Hi Ken, You had hinted at this in your documentary. Maybe you can make it clearer. Thanks

Robert, the Dreamcatcher and Skylark are configured for a specific purpose, not as a platform for hacking or re-purposing to perform other non-supported functions. @kenbarbi ken’s user manual is sufficient to the task of explaining how to set up and use the current versions of Dreamcatcher and Skylark within the intended parameters of the project. It is not intended to be a comprehensive technical manual. For those of us dedicated to helping Syed with the development of this device, this manual has all the necessary information, and was carefully vetted and endorsed by a number of seasoned “fellow users” before it was placed on the download site for all users to access. It is provided as a service to those of us who would carefully read and use it. It is not provided by a paid author nor by a professional writer, but by a “fellow user” and contributing fellow users such as @Tysonpower on their own personal time and resources. Most of us “fellow users” are literate enough in English to put this information, as it is written, to profitable use as it pertains to the Dreamcatcher/Skylark project.

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@maxboysdad Thanks for the advice. And many thanks to all who are involved in this project.
@kenbarbi has described the use of an Ethernet adapter in its very good manual. The use of an Ethernet adapter has nothing to do with hacking. A small hint that DHCP is not set up for Ethernet can’t hurt.

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Here’s the wording , Robert (and others), (from the User’s Manual for the Dreamcatcher v3.05 with Skylark 5.7) we used to address the use of a USB to Ethernet Network Adapter, and the method of determining the Dreamcatcher’s IP address on your Client Network. Please let me know where additional clarification is needed so we can make the appropriate changes. Ken

Step 8. Alternate Connectivity Approach is to use a USB to Ethernet Network Adapter instead of going through the Othernet WiFi Hotspot or Network Client approach. Be careful, NOT ALL USB to Ethernet Network Adapters work both natively under Skylark and Armbian. Specifically a TP-Link TL-UE300 works properly.

This Ethernet Dongle is natively supported, so works out of the box. Just replace the EDUP WiFi Dongle (Fig. 1) with the Ethernet Dongle. The downside of this approach is you need to determine the actual IP address as in Section IV Step 4 using your router or another program.

Step 4. You will be connected to Dreamcatcher’s Skylark Program through your local WiFi from your router. You can go to any computer on your router’s network, and use any Web Browser to access Skylark through its newly assigned IP address, or by typing (which requires an internet connection to work). If you cannot find the Dreamcatcher’s IP address using your router or , suggest you use a shareware program such as Angry IP Scanner ( (Fig. 27a) for Windows, MAC, and Linux; or Advanced IP Scanner (

Ah I’ll get me one of those as have had issues with the wifi connectivity, thanks. they are £11 from Amazon uk.

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Hi Ken,
If a USB to Ethernet Network Adapter (TP-Link TL-UE300) is used instead of the WiFi dongle, the Dreamcatcher does not assign an IP address via DHCP. In the above sentence ‘Hotspot’ should therefore be deleted.

Of course I should have looked at the file /etc/dnsmasq.conf
It says “interface=wlan0”
An entry for the interface of the Ethernet dongle is missing. Surely you can add the corresponding entries there. But how can they be saved permanently?

I wanted to determine the interface of the Ethernet dongle. but the Dreamcatcher was crashed again (see Malfunction of my Dreamcatcher ). Only after numerous attempts (switch off, switch on, pull out the plug, …) did it work again.

Yep - - your right on the mark regarding the “Hotspot” word. I’ll correct that.

As to saving, I’ve not tried that, but I believe any change you make on the fly will be lost when you reboot the Dreamcatcher. Hopefully, with the USB to Ethernet Network Adapter plugged in, your client router will always assign the same IP address. Ken

If you know the Ethernet cards mac address you can tell the router In it’s setting to reserve it’s up so only it gets that ip not all routers support this but alot do.

But I did not want to connect the Dreamcatcher to a router. The DHCP server in the Dreamcatcher must assign the IP addresses.