Advanced configuration of Skylark


In addition to the GUI, are there other ways to configure Skylark? I mean configurations via command line.

For example, I would like to set up a cronjob that regularly deletes unwanted content. Furthermore, I would have certain actions performed at system startup.

How can I set up such configurations permanently?

SSH into it using the “othernet” account. You’ll have full Linux command line access. I have a cron job that reboots my V3 board every Sunday morning.

@Mark_Phillips Thank you.

When I call crontab -e as user root only a “Command not found” comes up.

If I create a symlink under /usr/share/www it is gone after a reboot.

Huh. Seems there’s not crontab. It really is a cut down Linux. Lets add this to the list of things we’d like added. Maybe I am mistaken about having a cron job on this thing? I definately had one on the RPi.

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It would be nice to support a start script and a cronjob that can be customized by any Skylark administrator.