API to transmit own content (possibly paid)

Is there an API (paid most likely) that would allow us to post short bursts of data to be transmitted? The project I’m working on needs to broadcast some transactions, they are about 64 bytes in length and need to be repeated 3-4 times for redundancy. Willing to pay for it, we’re doing a PoC with the Blockstream Satellite API https://blockstream.com/satellite-api/ but the Othernet hardware is cheaper and smaller. Thank you!

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How soon are you planning on doing this?

@Razvan_Dragomirescu This is just my personal curiosity. Does quasi-real time broadcasting of the BTC blockchain require a 13 kbps stream? I’m assuming 1 MB as the block size, or 8 Mbits, which is created every 10 minutes, or 600 seconds.

How large can a receiver/antenna be, while still being convenient for portability? Is is the price of the Othernet receiver that is most interesting, or the size?

Thank you @Syed , probably 4-6 months from now, not immediately.

I don’t have a Blockstream receiver yet, they’re out of stock at the moment. I have no idea how they allocate bandwidth, we don’t plan to use the blockchain functionality at all, just need a way to broadcast our transactions (that are not blockchain transactions) over a large area, for a fee.

The size of the Othernet receiver is more important than the price, it’s more important for it to be somewhat “stealthy” (also looking into solutions like Iridium Burst that can receive pages inside buildings, so the receiver could be completely hidden).

If indoor reception is important, then a 30cm dish can be placed indoors to receive the Othernet broadcast.