Are you a ham? Stand up and be counted

Just got on othernet de N5JJC

Yes, I am a Ham Radio Operator, W8GUC, here in Dayton, Ohio.
My reception is great. I added a ‘Focus Ring’, around the antenna face, which gives me an additional 3db of signal increase.

@RCMEEKSJR Would you mind sharing a picture of your focus ring?

W4RFJ here… I am thinking I might try to find a way to display dream catchers aprs messages in Xastir


Congrats on new license! I just hooked my dream catcher up today I am amazed at the throughput of data!

Chief W4RFJ

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K5DXS qth El Paso TX
Just ordered my dreamcatcher, I’ve been eager to try it for awhile!

A HAM here also! And new to this Forum.

Call: PE2AAB
Loc. JO21RJ
Aalst-Waalre, The Netherlands

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Anyone can help me get started?
Please email me @ [email protected]

Here is the user’s guide page:

John Dortch WB4NLD
Kingston Springs, TN

Jose Malave | KM4OOD
West Palm Beach, FL

vy73 from Vienna/Austria

Jason Means
W8KTM - Charleston, WV

KN4PYV checking in. 3 dreamcatchers on the way.

Can’t wait to compare price/performance against the INMARSAT on our boat. Access to high res wind data (GRIB) is priceless at sea, but costs a small fortune for a few MB…

Second unit going to a HAM friend in Hawaii.

Evaluating third for integration into our edge-RF nodes at SkyScraper.

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Hi hello
Warsaw Poland

I’m new here, thinking about getting the kit - KD8BXP - SW Ohio - fairly in-active on the radio, I play around a with arduinos, raspberry pi, linux, and hobby robots, and a few quad-copters just because.

I hope some of us had an opportunity to listen to the 11:30 UTC 5 July 2020 transmission on 17.2 kHz from the 100 year old Alexanderson alternator in Grimeton, Sweden - - call sign SAQ. The Association does two broadcasts a year - - this one and a Christmas Eve transmission.

You can watch a YouTube Live video of the event at Ken



PS - - I post this today because Grimeton is an important part of our Amateur Radio heritage.

KJ6BSQ here. Just heard of this project!

KD6O here… proud to be aboard!

VE2GQF Gilles FN45