Are you a ham? Stand up and be counted

KE6KSJ in Ohio.

PE1JAE in Amsterdam, Netherlands - JO22

Prague, Ok, USA


Hi all,

Got my Dreamcatcher today! Up and running.


Hello! Just quickly tested the Dreamcatcher which I received couple of months ago, but due to current movement restrictions had no time to test earlier. I’m simply delighted!

Martin, OK1ZXS, Prague, Czech Republic

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Howard Bancroft. MW0HVB in West Wales. Definatly a nooby to Skylark.

EL99lb Port Orange FL USA

KE7WWT / NY - Been a HAM for a few years. . I have a decent station with less than decent antennas, but it works. .

KD9PHF, brand new HAM, my othernet board should be waiting for me when I get home from work! Went to the forums to try and find instruction as to where to point the LNB.

This link
will grab your location from the ISP you are using and give you a close-enough compass direction and elevation above horizon, you only need a rough aim for the LNB to work, also twist the roll axis of the LNB to get the best antenna polarization match to the satellite ‘skew’ by having a helper monitor the link signal to noise ratio.

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Just got on othernet de N5JJC

Yes, I am a Ham Radio Operator, W8GUC, here in Dayton, Ohio.
My reception is great. I added a ‘Focus Ring’, around the antenna face, which gives me an additional 3db of signal increase.

@RCMEEKSJR Would you mind sharing a picture of your focus ring?

W4RFJ here… I am thinking I might try to find a way to display dream catchers aprs messages in Xastir


Congrats on new license! I just hooked my dream catcher up today I am amazed at the throughput of data!

Chief W4RFJ

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K5DXS qth El Paso TX
Just ordered my dreamcatcher, I’ve been eager to try it for awhile!

A HAM here also! And new to this Forum.

Call: PE2AAB
Loc. JO21RJ
Aalst-Waalre, The Netherlands

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Anyone can help me get started?
Please email me @ [email protected]

Here is the user’s guide page: