Armbian for Dreamcatcher


Yes I would like to have a how to on installing YACC. I have had it running on Ubunu PC but not sure about running YACC on Armbian.


sure :smiley:




Didn’t configured YAAK itself, but I confirm it’s started nice in my VNC client.


Ok So I understand.

Armbian is now the new Outernet operating system

Therefor any Armbian Arm board with a RTL-SDR Dingle should run the forthcoming Outernet software?

Dreamcatcher with Armbian will not have a special image but instead will come with a series of scripts / help sheets that will enable the user to install Outernet RTL Dongle software and other RTL radio reception software etc.

Where are we currently at.

Is the Outernet L-Band decoder available for Armbian.

Is the “Whats New” available for Armbian.

Is the Weather App available for Armbian.

Is the APRS messages app available for Armbian.



Hi, I’m a newbie and a rube. I have some linux experience and some very limited microcontroller experience. So… me getting outernet working on the Dreamcatcher will be an excellent experiment on getting the general public hep to outernet.

Seasalt said, “WHere we are currently at”
“Is the Outernet L-Bend decoder available for Armbian”

So… was that a question or a statement? At what point do/will I/ will it ever be possible that/ I write an image to a memory card, stick it in the Dreamcatcher, and turn the whole thing on? How much effort will I need to go to to accomplish this? I’m willing to wait, willing to read the forums, dig thru it, but let’s just say, If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks for your indulgence!


Howto on Wideband Spectrum Analysis with rtl_power_fftw and Qspectrum Analyzer with Dreamcatcher


I received my Dreamcatcher today! Before I boot up though, I wanted to confirm what the recommended power supply ratings are. Is a 5v/1amp source sufficient, or does the Dreamcatcher need 5v/1.5 amps, or some other minimum number? Thanks.


5V / 1A can work but we usually tested with higher rated right 1.5 or 2A (like the standard RPi power adatper). Having some maring and not over driving the adapter is always good.