Availability in Europe

Right, if it is put aside… It is working well for you?

@Coper Apart from small problems the Dreamcatcher works well. Here in Berlin (Germany) the reception is very good. You only need to hold the LNB approximately in the right direction.

With direct shipping I had to pay about 25,- Euro customs. :frowning:

25 Euro not so bad, despite the base price which better than 99 Dollars. I have been waiting to get this for at least 3-4 years. I hope that more services will come about.

As power supply I can recommend a power supply for the Raspberry PI. Otherwise problems may occur. See Malfunction of my Dreamcatcher

Good to know…

Same here for me in Düsseldorf. I can hold the LNB out of the window and get a lock onto the stream.

What causes the customs fee to be so high?


Without a dish?

In Central Europe you don’t need a dish. Where are you from?

During my first attempts I had secured the LNB with foam so that it points in the right direction. The reception was already very good.

Then I built this mount:

I am in the capital of Belgium.

Then you have good reception.

I took another look at the bill:

EU St./Import VaT: 10.08 Euro
Vorlageprovision (Submission commission): 12.50 Euro
VAT (19%): 2.38 Euro

Total: 24.96 Euro

Is the unit shipping right now regardless of the pandemic?

Yes, for single order quantities they are delivered from Hong Kong via postal service. Lately this has been taking about two weeks, sometimes over three weeks.

For multiple orders the package is sent by FedEx from the US.

Sorry, the above is related to the Bullseye LNB. All Dreamcatchers ship from the US by postal service. It’s been taking about a month i some cases. I might change international shipping to FedEx for all orders, though it will require a slight increase in price.

So with customs possibly 2-4 months. In multiple order would it be 2 devices?

Two months is definitely a possibility, though a smaller likelihood than 4 weeks (based on what I’ve seen from the transit reports).

Yes, 2 units is multiple.

And the fedex cost?