Beta testing RxOS release 4.0 - Skylark. Link in thread!


Is hardware virtualization (VT-x/AMD-v) required for this to work? Because I don’t have a working computer with vt-x support.


For the VM flasher to work, yes VT-x is required.

I could make the script-based flasher available to you, that requires Linux and the sunxi-tools etc. But that comes with no support whatsoever.


theres an even better (IMHO) option coming :slight_smile:


ok I guess I will have to find a computer with vt-x support. I might be able to use a computer at the local computer repair shop.


Never mind I just realized that my compute stick has an intel z3537f processor in it, that has vt-x support. This is going to be interesting.


awesome! do let me know how things work out.


New release is now up! Get it while its hot!


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Im having EIP error message in during firmware update

any thoughts ?


your computer either doesn’t have hardware virtualization, or it is disabled in BIOS.


thanks i’ll get on it right now


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one way to view the tuner status without being in the UI (if you should so desire) is to use python. this little 5 line program will do it. you can expand on it from there and just parse the elements you want displayed.

import urllib2
import json
url= “ your IP instead
data = json.load(urllib2.urlopen(url))
print data

Okay that was lazy of me. Here is a way to parse the elements of the .json that you want displayed.

import requests
ts = requests.get(‘’).json()
print ts['result][‘rssi’]
print ts [‘result’][‘snr’]

save this as a .py file.
if using linux you can run this every N seconds in a terminal with the following. Assuming you named your file

in terminal type:
watch -n 1 python and hit enter.
This will display the values every second

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You can get the DVD image if you decompress the .ova file!


Mine seems to be doing this as well. Is thee anything I can try?


If you are seeing an ERROR -7, then I have no solution. Did we sell that CHIP to you?


Yes you did. I managed to get it working. I don’t think it is the CHIP. I was able to flash a Next Thing image on it using Chrome. I realize that method is totally different but it is was a flaky chip I bet is would have failed


After using the Chrome flasher, are you now able to use the Skylark flasher?