Covering Cost Ideas, Lets Figure out how to help these guys out!


Ok so the advertiser route is a no-go. That’s kind of a relief actually.

What about funding Outernet in two ways?:


And mining crypto currency on the side like Bitcoin?

Make sure everything is legal, of course and set up a bunch of computers and let them mine Bitcoins all day.


I guess I should have done a little more research before I suggested mining Bitcoins. From what I learned since making this suggestion, that’s a horrible idea. It’s doubtful you’d even be able to recoup the money it would cost to run the computer(s) to mine any cryptocurrency.


Thats the point of having to mine them. You turn your hard earned cash into bitcon by having to invest in hardware and time to create them!

Can I ask what the state of funding is? What do you need? Cash, testers, engineers?


I’m not sure that’s viable, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Tho I could be wrong. I don’t mine myself.

And hope the net result is positive.

I can’t really comment on the state of funding, but I can tell you donations/investment of testing and engineering time is more than welcome.


I have since then researched this a bit more and, as Branko said, it’s really not a viable option.

It’s getting more difficult to mine bitcoins as it gets closer to reaching its 21 million limit.