Dreamcatcher 3.0 Satellite for Europe

@Syed Currently no Signal :frowning:

How about now? I’m seeing packets in Budapest.

Does anyone in Europe have a signal at the moment?

Please switch to beamtype 164 in Europe to see files. Audio service is currently not up on the EU beam, but files are working normally.

@Martin, @Tysonpower

Changed it and it works fine, Receiving with LNB only :slight_smile:

@Syed was that the whole problem yesterday as well?

Yes, that was the only issue with reception.

:joy::joy::joy: well something stupid like that can happen​:joy::joy::joy:

Sad you missed that :upside_down_face: But now it works :+1::+1::+1:

It also worked for me. I am receiving files now.

Running fine for some Hours now. Already got some files.

Signal now around -8 to -10 only with the LNB indoors.

Things are looking great in Europe based on the Othernet Status chart for Frame Lock - - wish I were there :heart_eyes:

image Ken

If I get time over the weekend, I’ll try and get mine up and running!

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Hi Ken the remote connection is working well.

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Nice Signal from Astra 3B (60cm Dish indoors)

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Ok i put the board online again.
LNB is hooked on a dish and around 20 meters cable.
Sky is quite cloudy & thunder … so i keep it online!

I receive well all files :slight_smile:

I had a go over the weekend…got something like 3 packets total…the station that showed up in North Wales, was me!..

I think I’ve got some sat cable from my old WorldSpace setup…maybe I need so sort that and a better mount!

That’s very strange. You had a bare LNB outside? Was the skew adjustment set?

Well, Skew is not that important i think with Astra 3B. Astra/SES is very clever and tilt the sat so you have very small skew numbers. Our Standard tv sat here at 19,2E has almost no skew (+/- 2°) due to that.

Astra 3B has -6° Skew (instead of -13°) at my location near Cologne, i didn’t tried it yet, but it will not make a big difference.
My LNB on the DC3 has no adjusted skew, and works great :slight_smile:

Hi Syed

Yup - Bare LNB…I held it outside an upper floor window, but that wasn’t easy…I tried it on a speaker stand/tripod, and there was no improvement…I’ll try and have another go at some point soon!

I think it might have been the lack of skew…

I had a stable signal (-9 db at clear sky and – 12 db when clouded), lock and data with 10 kbps with the bare Maverick LNB outside the last few days here in Germany. But now the signal disappeared – also at the British recipient. Are there any current changes with the transmission?

Working fine here, my DC did hang a bit, but after a short Restart it works.