Dreamcatcher 3.0 Satellite for Europe

Nice Signal from Astra 3B (60cm Dish indoors)

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Ok i put the board online again.
LNB is hooked on a dish and around 20 meters cable.
Sky is quite cloudy & thunder … so i keep it online!

I receive well all files :slight_smile:

I had a go over the weekend…got something like 3 packets total…the station that showed up in North Wales, was me!..

I think I’ve got some sat cable from my old WorldSpace setup…maybe I need so sort that and a better mount!

That’s very strange. You had a bare LNB outside? Was the skew adjustment set?

Well, Skew is not that important i think with Astra 3B. Astra/SES is very clever and tilt the sat so you have very small skew numbers. Our Standard tv sat here at 19,2E has almost no skew (+/- 2°) due to that.

Astra 3B has -6° Skew (instead of -13°) at my location near Cologne, i didn’t tried it yet, but it will not make a big difference.
My LNB on the DC3 has no adjusted skew, and works great :slight_smile:

Hi Syed

Yup - Bare LNB…I held it outside an upper floor window, but that wasn’t easy…I tried it on a speaker stand/tripod, and there was no improvement…I’ll try and have another go at some point soon!

I think it might have been the lack of skew…

I had a stable signal (-9 db at clear sky and – 12 db when clouded), lock and data with 10 kbps with the bare Maverick LNB outside the last few days here in Germany. But now the signal disappeared – also at the British recipient. Are there any current changes with the transmission?

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Working fine here, my DC did hang a bit, but after a short Restart it works.

So I finally connected mine up

Nothing in status. Any ideas why?

Jup. You don’t have a Signal. Status only shows something when it locked to the Signal.

Dreamcatcher v3.05 is in stock and ready to ship.

Nice! Also found an error in the listing:

Thanks! Just updated it.

If I have the LNB connected via a pigtail, a lit LED3 (LNB on) and I’m pointing it in the right direction what are my next steps to troubleshoot?

mmm… so you have set the right Frequency, pointed at the sat and nothing…mmm

What LNB Are you using? the maverick that comes with the DC?

Hello, and excuse me for getting into this thread, in 3 weeks I will be traveling to Germany. If I carry my dreamcatcher equipment, I can have coverage in Germany and try it once and for all. Thank you

Hopefully you’ll be able to use @Tysonpower Manuel’s new Satellite Locating program and Skkylark 5.6 there. Syed is planning to release it on the carousel soon. Ken

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I’ve tried both, I have a maverick and an unbranded one, changed the settings in Skylark as appropriate depending on which one i’m using.

@sam_uk This is strange. Do you have it currently up and pointed? We may need to do some beam-type testing to better understand the problem. Which part of the UK are you in?

Is this you, Sam in the UK? - - image