Dreamcatcher 3.0 Satellite for Europe

Hopefully you’ll be able to use @Tysonpower Manuel’s new Satellite Locating program and Skkylark 5.6 there. Syed is planning to release it on the carousel soon. Ken

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I’ve tried both, I have a maverick and an unbranded one, changed the settings in Skylark as appropriate depending on which one i’m using.

@sam_uk This is strange. Do you have it currently up and pointed? We may need to do some beam-type testing to better understand the problem. Which part of the UK are you in?

Is this you, Sam in the UK? - - image


@sam_uk Feel free to email me with times you are available to troubleshoot this.

Thanks for the facility to see the thing working. Mine is ‘in transit’ and seems to be being delivered by someone rowing across the atlantic

I was in contact with my friend near the Dead Sea, He had the time now to do stuff with his kids so he hooked up a FTA satellite box and tuned Astra 3B and scanned for TV. He was able to get the wide Europe TV transponder footprint but not the narrower Europe TV transponder channels. Once he tuned the 60cm offset dish to get a 95% signal and 38% quality from Astra 3B(zero% sigQ for Europe narrow inc 11683) he connected the Othernet board and got nothing.
Region EU
Frequency 11.681242
beam Type 164
Othernet Dual Band LNB
[ OK ] Bias-T is configured on: 0x8b
[ OK ] Bias-T voltage is set to 14.2V
[ OK ] LNB power is configured on
[ OK ] LNB detected, normal current flow: 0x23
[ OK ] Bias-T Voltage normal
no packet LED no rx packets in logging

Maybe someone receiving the astra 3b othernet can confirm whether the lnb antenna for othernet should be vertical or horizontal polariation orientation. If the station has 95% signal (on video feeds) then it should be correctly pointed. Then one variable to check is the skew of the lnb.
I looked at www.satbeams.com for 23E charts / channel list and adjacent feeds seem to be vertical (see freq. 11675-11678 fta audio), and Horizontal (paid 11720 MHz).

I don’t know the correct setting for astra 3B

thank to Wolfang you can see in europe the settings, goto:http://obereip.selfhost.de/

[ OK ] Bias-T voltage is set to 14.2V, this mean vertical polarization (out cable vertical).

Frequency is ok.

According to what Lyngsat thinks there should be a zero signal for the Euro spot even in Tel-Aviv which is maybe 30-40km east of the dead sea.
https://www.lyngsat.com/Astra-3B.html just search 11681

I know one of us operating in Gibraltar has good reception, but I think he had some initial problems. He’s at about the same receive level as one in the Dead Sea area - -


Perhaps he can contribute to the issue here. Ken

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I did have some initial problems in Gib, I re-purposed a 1m dish which was giving me the BBC satback transponder - although initially it worked, the LNB packed in which is something unusual. Swapping it out for the one which came with the dreamcatcher things worked fine and have a solid +4.5db signal. My other problems have been with the wifi link which sometimes drops despite the dreamcatcher being 2m away in a locked room. I bought a ethernet dongle as would like things wired, but have not had time to install it due to the current crisis. I’ve been doing TVRO since Sky launched on analogue so very comfortable about pointing and aligning dishes for weak signals. A 1m dish is overkill but it was there.

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I would check for congestion on whatever wifi channel you use. Or just change the channel and see if it gets better.

Its not that, but those are sensible solutions. I can remote reset the router and the dc as it was offline. I think it was still receiving data although the internet link was down - so switching it off and on again (IT crowd advice) worked.

How is the performance when you use the Othernet Hotspot mode. It works just between the Dreamcatcher and the computer tuned to the Othernet Hotspot, so overload issues should occur. Ken

Haven’t tried the hotspot mode. The receiver is in my TV headend room wireless linked to an AP and down a wire to my network. Ideally I’d like it hardwired and I bought the correct usb<>ethernet adaptor but ran out of time as have been busy setting up remote working for people.

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Here is the Lyngsat pic of the Europe spot, Astra 3B Europe beam
11681 H
tp 11
Europe Ku (feeds) DVB-S2 3750-5/6 8PSK
Jamie A 191212
The tight signal Othernet uses really extends the signal quality especially at the edges by providing tight long low rate LoRa sampling(vs fast TV signals) with error correction over the time dimension simulating a higher SNR over m^2. I wonder how large a dish is being used in Gibraltar, my guess from memory is my guy’s dish is around 60-70cm oval offset.
@Syed, do you know who or what is Jamie A. 191212 and who&what are all of the other non TV/radio feeds we can see on Lyngsat from him and others.

I believe what you are showing is one of Astra 3B’s beams - - the Europe Spot Beam. As I understand it, Othernet is using the Pan-Europe Beam which is broader. Syed can confirm this. Ken

Yeah that should be right, they got the Pan Europe Beam:


Last time I spoke to my friend’s son he said that he was getting the pan-Europe beam transponder TV channels with a good signal % using a DVB-S2 receiver, but other stuff on othernet’s same transponder got a big zero for signal.