Dreamcatcher 3.0 Satellite for Europe

Just temporarily added UK (for you). I’ll leave it up for a couple days.

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Any possibilities to get it shipped to The Netherlands?
I had the L-band receiver up and running 2016-2017 , useless since last year, downlink is offline.
Its nice stuff to work with.

@MartinAndela Are you sure you want to buy something now? We still don’t have coverage in the EU. Hoping for it to start again next month, but no guarantee at all.

If there is a way to order one right now, thats sounds ok for me :slight_smile:
Getting it ready and running…, and maby online for the next month.

On the other side…, correct me if i’m wrong with this one,i have only knowledge of HF-VHF bands.
When there is KU-band signal in U.K. and Germany, there should be signal in The Nederlands?
(i know there are some signal problems at the moment)

Once Othernet broadcasts to Russia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, Othernet will take off.

Those area need the information current Othernet provides. Ken

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@Syed any news on the Europe stream?

Itching to try this Dreamcatcher…

I was told that the address for shipping our uplink equipment will be provided tomorrow. As of now we are targeting a test date of July 1st. If everything works out as planned, then the commercial service will start August 1st.

We already have the v3.05 of Dreamcatcher in hand. I hope to approve for production next week.

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Is the uplink kit on it’s way?

I got word from Syed that the kit arrived at the teleport yesterday - Saturday. Site folks are going to install it soon.

I’m in Northern Italy waiting to test it out when the stream comes up. Ken


Yes, the server and modem are in Luxembourg. We’ll be running a 1 week test off of Astra 3B, located at 23E. The signal should be as powerful as the one in North America.


What are the tuner parameters for the LNB?

Still waiting.

Still waiting in Treviso, Italy. Ken

Equipment is racked and we have access to it, but now waiting on service order. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. How much longer are you in Italy?

9 hours to departure, but I’ll look in 8 hours (0559 Italy time- 2359 EDT 9 Jul) for details to connect to the satellite before I go “wheels up” here. Ken

I’m sorry we couldn’t hit your window. There won’t be any movement until the team at Luxembourg gets back in the office tomorrow.


We tried to bring the carrier up today, but there were issues in the RF chain. Will try again tomorrow.

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Is anyone pointed at 23.5E right now?

@sam_uk @MartinAndela @pbnet

Our test carrier is up, which has solid coverage from Ireland to western Ukraine.