Dreamcatcher 3.03 Feedback Thread


Great Don, thanks - - I’m re doing the Manual for the DC 3.03 with Skylark 5.2. With my removal of that puzzling dish rotor motor, I’m back on line again (green balloon over Mid-Atlantic states).

With the old DirectTV dish, you should get blazing performance. Ken


Multiple Storage Devices

The Dreamcatcher 3.03 has another nice feature not available on previous versions - - you can plug a mico SD card into the Data_SD slot on the board and an external USB Flash drive, Ken



this feature was added in Skylark 5.2 - it should work on DC3.02 as well.


Darn, I wish the misty, half drizzle would let up. Crazy LA weather, It’s the middle of May!


I always say start with something easy, then try the tougher task.


I have found if both a 32 GB micro SD card and a USB Flash drive are connected (and visible and working) on the DC v3.03, and the device reboots, only the micro SD card becomes available upon re boot.

I have to shut down, remove the USB Flash card, reboot, the plug in the Flash card to make it visible again.

Something is not right here. Ken


Just got started outside, Right away a glitch. LNB connected, power applied. Good connection to laptop. Using IE as browser. Didn’t notice Tuner, Status before. Click on Status, white screen, no words. Some kind of Java error. Don’t have time to troubleshoot now.


Tuner status won’t show anything if no packets have been received. The packet LED on the board is the fastest indicator of packets coming in.


Somehow @Abhishek my USB Flash drive got corrupted inside the Dreamcatcher with this extra file - FSCK00000.REC When I plug it into another computer, I get a report that the disk needs to be fixed.


and I have to reformat it. Ken


yes, unfortunately with any of the FAT filesystems this is going to continue to remain a regular occurrence.

Let me see if I can introduce a “unmount external storage” option in the lcd ui to reduce the chances of this.


Mine arrived on Saturday, a lot easier to setup and point than I thought at least in Texas, I have a bare LNB running though about 30ft of rg6 getting about 12 to 14 snr. I do not see my station showing up on the status page yet is there a way to set this up or verify its sending updates?


Are you connected thru a WiFi to your router, or only looking at the Outernet Hotspot? Ken


Connected to WIFI as a client


I can’t say for sure where, but today there is an eleventh station reporting in


The yellow one right above Texas may be you. Monitor the Status web site after you shut down your Dreamcatcher, and see if one of the sites goes away. It could take up to 15 minutes for the Status Heartbeat system at Outernet to catch up, so wait wait wait.

Even thought I’m in Maryland, my New Jersey VPN connection show me in NYC. Ken


@kenbarbi First glance at the LED’s on the v3.03

led 1 direct-x >>>>>> don’t know what that is
led 2 rx-tx >>>>>> don’t know what that is
led 3 lnb_on >>>>> I assume this is the software switch to turn bias Tee on
led 4 couldn’t find it , maybe under display ?
led 5 busy >>>>> I think that is still "radio operational"
led 6 pkt >>>>>>> flash when packet is received
led 7 sd0 >>>>> accessing sd card “0” operating system card
led 8 hbeat >>>>>> heath status of mcu
led 9 pwr >>>>>>>> power to the mcu
led 10 audio >>>>> don’t know it’s function
led 11 sd2 >>>>>> accessing sd card “2” data card

I’m not sure which would so accessing a usb device
I’m not sure which shows the power management status


The balloon above Oklahoma moved down to Texas. Might be you??


Here’s the LED functions:



I’m still in the Seattle area :smiley:

–Konrad, WA4OSH


I know - - I was responding to @smgrieve



Lost the signal at 22:50 UTC, everyone is red balloons
red balloons


@Abhishek is fiddling with the system :rofl: