Dreamcatcher 3.03 Feedback Thread


Have you seen this possibility for Ku Flat Panel antenna? Only 26 cm diameter. I see $32 further down on page.




That’s the same one that we and I think Jim tested earlier. Because the LNB is integrated into the antenna, the performance of the LNB is critical. The drift from the LNB was all over the place.

Solving this problem with an antenna isn’t really a problem. We can always just acquire smaller dishes and use them with LNB. The goal, however, is to have something that is a bit more integrated.


Are you suggesting something right on or plugged into the board?


I took the DC 3.03 to the park as a portable unit, took a mount made with a pvc pipe and a sprinkler spike for the LNB and set the unit up, powered by a Goal Zero Sherpa/Nomad 14+ solar rig.

The unit performed beautifully, receiving at 100%, Bitrate at 10.8, 20109.
Rssi was -80 and SNR was -10 to -11, bare LNB! The hotspot performed well, and I was able to read news articles. There was audio, and what I could hear of it sounded good with a stutter once and awhile, but quality of sound was ecellent. I didn’t take the headphones, which would have enhanced the listening experience, however, the tiny 1.2 inch speaker performed well for its size. There is an 8-ohm L-pad mounted next to the speaker (really only needed to silence it if desired). Box is from WalMart in the outdoor section, just the right size for this!