Dreamcatcher 3.03 locking up after upgrade to Skylark 5.7

I agree to Manuel.
My first attempt in November 2019 was with a standard 80-cm-dish and its dual-standard-LNB (Octagon-PLL). One output was for receiving the TV and the second one for the Othernet. The settings in the Skylark were unchanged. SNR was +7 to 8 db. I did not adjust any skew, I think in Germany this is not neccessary.
As the majority of the german TV is on the 19.2E Astra I changed everything back and installed the delivered Othernet-LNB without dish, which also works well since November (-8db SNR).
I don´t own a LNB for circular polarisation and could not try it. But I think this would not work well on Astra as often transponders use horizontal and vertical polarisation on frequencies close together.
Wolfgang, DH2WS

Just curious if there is a way to scan nearby freqs using the Dreamcatcher. Dead sea area I get a good strong signal & tone using a satellite finder and a 60cm dish for astra 3B but since I still only have a maverick(dual band is somewhere in mail) I am getting no/have never received any packets.
I don’t get access to the receiver that often.