Dreamcatcher 3.5 frequency specs

Wondering if anyone has done a workup on how sensitive the sdr is?

Considering purchasing a couple for various purposes along with othernet usage.

James W8ISS

Othernet doesen’t use a SDR anymore! It can ONLY be used with LoRa becaue it is a LoRa Chip on the Board.

Manuel DO5TY

For some reason I thought it had a sdr chip set still. When I read your reply, I remembered about the changes.


In the L-band receiver (Dreamcatcher v2) we had an RTL2832U and R820T2, which is an RTLSDR. I’ve always wondered if there was a small market for such a device. I assume no because the standard USB dongle and Raspberry Pi does is the exact same thing.

As far as I can tell, it is not possible to provide a more expensive product that is actually better than the Pluto SDR by Analog Devices. That’s a Linux wideband SDR capable of Tx and Rx–all for $100.