Dreamcatcher Chat 0.2

By half-duplex do you mean one is a send end and the other is a receive end? Or do the DCs switch back and forth from send to receive to achieve half-duplex operation? Not clear as I never ran it. Ken

They switch back and forth. Every Dreamcatcher can transmit and receive, but can’t transmit and receive at the same time.

Good - - they are truly half-duplex devices as we all know them. Ken

Now I remember! Could you briefly repeat how Chat would be used here on the Othernet? Or is the info on a Wiki and I’ll just read it.

This all that I added to the Wiki - -

Syed can tell you more. Ken

Thanks Ken … no more for now … until Syed informs us.
To all forum members Be vigilant against the virus.

I forgot to mention that Jim found this Chat App video a couple of weeks ago - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPsQn06TM4M Ken

@kenbarbi Unless the user is a licensed amateur radio operator, they really should not be using the Dreamcatcher Chat over the air. It’s really meant to as an experimental, educational application.

That video is old. I don’t believe there is anything that shows the most recent version of the chat application. It’s far easier to startup and use.

Good point - - otherwise is my explanation in the Wiki OK? Ken

The Github repo is incorrect. It should point to the following.

That repo has the latest version of the chat application, including the GUI. It also includes better, simpler instructions on getting everything up and running.

Here’s my fix - -


Yes, that’s correct.

Another Feature request:

I am reviewing other boards that are doing similar Chat capabilities and most are using a Bluetooth as the local connection to a web device (phone or tablet).

Idea: could a bluetooth dongle be plugged into the usb port used by the edup wifi as an alternate connection option. ??? and supported by the software. and an older model tablet using android 4.x for example.

example of plug in adapter:


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It should be possible. You will have to do some configuring to allow network access over bluetooth.

Yes, what @demandzm said. The adapter would need to have Linux support.

found another 900mhz antenna (US $14), this one has a sma(male)

there are others with ipex1, ipex4, a u.fl, ipex MHF connectors for direct to the board.
I am still researching the best way to attach, I am not a fan of snapping the u.fl , so I like the jumper othernet has been providing but it does introduce signal loss at each adapter.

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The bug in the chat app should be fixed. Just run the installer again:

wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Othernet-Project/dreamcatcher-chat/master/install.sh | sudo bash

Garbled text should no longer crash the server. Instead, you should see a message in the GUI saying that garbled text was received.

My projects always seem to requires several trips the hardware store … I got the FrSky Super 8 antennas, but they (of course) had an un-expected reverse polarity sma male on it’s coax. So to make it all work… I have now made a second ordered for adapters…

Your lucky your connectors are not reverse threaded. I ran into this problem on a VHF antenna that used reverse thread N type and TNC type connectors. Try to find adapters for those :woozy_face: Ken