EU Beam Reports - First Station Online!


Don’t forget those of us who like to travel will need to be able to buy one of the new LNBs for our portable units. Ken


Hi @Syed,
The board without LBN would also be good for us European customers as we probably can get a better PLL locally / use what we have for Oscar-100 (QO-100), saving shipping and import duty.

How can I get a DC3.03 shipped to the UK.


@Syedm, OK, Understood. Just overkeen to get involved. :slight_smile:
Somethig based on the R.Pi / SDR and a PLL LNB to down decode would be good - Have you seen what we are doing on OSCAR-100 in the HAM Bands ?



@RadioHam We can definitely sell you a 3.04, but are you sure it will still be interesting to you, as the EU/North Africa signal will be paused starting on April 1st?


How long is the EU signal being paused for?


I’ll be patient then :slight_smile:


Sounds skillfull


Two months.


How long does shipping to the UK take?


About a week. Slightly more.


Signal still there at 12:10 UTC.


Syed, I was wondering what progress you’re making on the replacement LNB side of the Europe reception issue.

I’d like to get that LNB installed in my portable unit with my current DC 3.03 this June when I go to Italy. Ken


The prototypes will be ready in about a month. I’m happy to send you one of them for your trip.


That will be great. Thanks, Ken


Syed, don’t forget about me.
I want to receive Outernet in Poland, again.
I will be in Greece in July. Then, I will be in the Czech Republic in August.


I’m hoping to get the new LNB in time for my trip to Northern Italy in June. Ken


Hello, I am in Europe as well, did you order yours and was there any questionable issues?


No. :frowning: see the comment from @syad on22/3 above.


When are you going to resume the shipping. Because right now there is a sale! I was going to get it.


@Syed, could you provide an update on the SES-4 European North African beam? You mentioned your plan to use a different LNB to operate, and that the beam would be down this past April. I haven’t seen any terminals operating in Europe for some time. Ken