EU Beam Reports - First Station Online!


As far as i understand and with my recent results in receiving the Signal from SES-4 i would imagine that it will work, but maybe you need a small Dish or get another LNB by yourself.

But we will see.


Will there be a new version of the Dreamcatcher to recieve the european signal or will it be enough to replace the LNB and do some changes with the software?


@mw1mdh I use front end and LNB interchangeably. I’ll just say LNB from now on. The current LNB (MK1) has stability on the order of 500 khz, which is sufficient for the wider channel on SES2, but not for the narrower one on SES4. It’s actually possible to receive with the MK1, but there is a bit of hunt-and-peck required. We want to ensure the same, simple reception experience everywhere there is a signal, which is why we need to produce a new LNB. You’ll be receiving a new LNB at not cost. Dreamcatcher 3.03 will be perfectly capable of receiving the signal–that is all that we use on our own remote monitors. Dreamcatcher 3.04 is simply a manufacturing cost reduction, but identical in terms of core components.

@Martin A new version of Dreamcatcher will not be required to receive SES4 in Europe/North Africa. We will also be sending you a new LNB, once it is ready.


@Martin many thanks. Can you recall the shipping charges to Europe so that I can add them in, or did your paypal route do this for you ?


Don’t forget those of us who like to travel will need to be able to buy one of the new LNBs for our portable units. Ken


Hi @Syed,
The board without LBN would also be good for us European customers as we probably can get a better PLL locally / use what we have for Oscar-100 (QO-100), saving shipping and import duty.

How can I get a DC3.03 shipped to the UK.


@Syedm, OK, Understood. Just overkeen to get involved. :slight_smile:
Somethig based on the R.Pi / SDR and a PLL LNB to down decode would be good - Have you seen what we are doing on OSCAR-100 in the HAM Bands ?



@RadioHam We can definitely sell you a 3.04, but are you sure it will still be interesting to you, as the EU/North Africa signal will be paused starting on April 1st?


How long is the EU signal being paused for?


I’ll be patient then :slight_smile:


Sounds skillfull


Two months.


How long does shipping to the UK take?


About a week. Slightly more.


Signal still there at 12:10 UTC.


Syed, I was wondering what progress you’re making on the replacement LNB side of the Europe reception issue.

I’d like to get that LNB installed in my portable unit with my current DC 3.03 this June when I go to Italy. Ken


The prototypes will be ready in about a month. I’m happy to send you one of them for your trip.


That will be great. Thanks, Ken


Syed, don’t forget about me.
I want to receive Outernet in Poland, again.
I will be in Greece in July. Then, I will be in the Czech Republic in August.


I’m hoping to get the new LNB in time for my trip to Northern Italy in June. Ken