Europe coverage


Hello ,

is it possible to work with this in europe , Belgium ?

Thanks .


Not currently. It’s US only


I’m in France right now, and miss the coverage I got when I traveled with my portable unit. As soon as service comes up here, my portable Knome will be back in business too. :blush: Ken


How come I see a green balloon near or in Germany right now?


That Balloon is Zoltan @zoltan in Hungary fooling with his gear. He’s an Outernet engineer and employee - - unlike the rest of us :heart_eyes: Ken


MR Troll i is his other nickname for me since he is doing that


call whatever u want, I just call development work :slight_smile:


@donde The Station in Germany is me :stuck_out_tongue:

The other one is one of the devs.


When the EU signal is turned back on, which satellite will be used?