Geniatech Outernet Tuner module


OK, here is the link to the HDStar CD and Manual. The CD files are in a .zip archive (about 700 MB) , and I scanned the user manual and put it in a PDF.

Prepare to be disappointed with the manual …



Hi @p28800, The driver CD is not required for ORxPi Outernet receiver. The CD only includes Windows drivers, not Linux. The ORxPi kernel already has the correct Linux driver for HDStar and it is working properly.Please let me know if you have any issues with HDStar Tuner.


As for desktop Linux, kernels 4.1 and newer have native support. Not sure about 4.0, but it’s possible.


@bmcintosh What is the version number? It is printed on the back side of the PCB and you have to remove the plastic box before.
I have SU3000 v1.5 but the new version should be SU3000 V3.0. Kindly attach a high resolution photos of the PCB (both top and bottom view).

If you like reply to following thread:


@rachel The seller @ AliExpress says Sorry, this item is no longer available!

But 92 items in wish list. super cool! :smile:


I did something similar for my setup i found this dc / dc converter with a 2 amp USB port so it can power both the pi and the receiver. plus enough amps to run a wireless card on the pi.

So i give it a 12v source that gets recharged for now from the ac source but i’m looking at a solar panel and charge controller to keep the outernet going without the need for ac.




That’s the same one from the store, sold on Amazon as well. In case someone wonders (like I did when I saw that for the first time), the $5 shipping is for US only.