Input on Enclosure Made from Dry Box (similar to an Otterbox)

The clear plastic above the PCB allows items to be stored on top of it. If we are seeing heat as an issue, a sink plate can be affixed to the bottom of it.

A dessicant could be added. The boards will be conformally coated.


How about a wedge? It could be RF transparent to the LNB and push under the box (maybe on a rail?) thus elevating the box up to say, 50 degrees? It could be stored inside the box when not in use. Put the whole lot on a table or shelf or whatever. Perhaps the battery pack could also be stored inside?

@Mark_Phillips The problem with a wedge is that it doesn’t allow for any change in elevation. Depending on where the user is, the angle can be substantially different. What we have in the next version are pairs of holes under the enclosure which allow a bent metal U to be placed in them. This acts as a cheap, light adjustable stand.

Erm …

Yes it does. You put more or less of the wedge under the box. That’s why it has to be RF transparent otherwise it’ll be in the line-of-sight for the LNB at low elevations.

The U-shaped stand is a good idea.

Ah, it’s movable. Yes, that makes sense.