Kindle books on Outernet?


Hello 1bit - - I believe one of the most useful public domain information projects is with their Rachel data base. Are you familiar with it? Ken


you are right, I thought this was obvious, but the linked faust book is a reference to my calculation example, not some content I would like to see distributed. My post was mainly about the used file format, not the content itself.

Content-wise I think english novels would be far more useful.

I don’t think there is only one use-case for outernet, and with the size of a novel being relatively small I think we can transmit one on a regular basis. If not daily then maybe weekly?


Yes it seems similar to the idea I had here

It seems that it would be fairly straightforward to set up an email address ‘[email protected]’ and write a script that greps the subject line of emails sent to that address, searches Wikipedia for the subject line and broadcasts the first result.


Has anyone looked at this library? Various topics that might be useful for people in different situations.


I did a quick look and found the copyrights are - -

All of the books listed are Public Domain or have expired Copyrights so you are free to download and print them. All of them are in PDF format and are primarily from page scans of original printed book sources. In many cases there is also an EPUB version available.

This is a great find and I’m sure Syed @Syed will be more than happy to pursue it. Ken


Yes, that’s correct.


Here is one more.


All the links to Food category coming up with error


Hi @TomKane

I know this is now old post, but did you donate the equipment?
Have you had any news on how successful it is?