Language selection in the app "News"

It would be nice to have a language selection in the app “New”. I don’t speak Arabic or Chinese. I would like to have only the news in English displayed to me.

This does bring up a wider issue - bandwidth. The more languages supported the less bandwidth each one has. It would make sense to use the 2 most predominent languages in the broadcast region. That would instantly half our practical bandwidth. So for North America it would be English and Spanish (sorry Canadiennes but there’s just not that many of you). For other parts of the world it could be Arabic and French? And for Europe it should probably be just English as most countries speak it as a second language or technical language (ever had a electronics design discussion in Finish? I have. Even the Fins struggled!!)

I meant a language selection in the app “News” so you can filter the received messages.

Oh. Right. Sorry. DUH!!

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