Lantern Feature Requests


replaceable batteries, waterproof, several sd card slots


I’ve got another request…This one probably won’t make it in time but maybe it will for later models: A water-resistant silicone sleeve - either integrated or fits on separately - that will protect Lantern from shock, some water and some accidental drops. You see companies like Eton Corp (their scorpion) and Goal Zero (their battery packs) using rubberized (or silicone) sleeves around some of their devices.

Check out the way the Eton Corp Scorpion is made. It really looks like a tough product and may give you some ideas in terms of building off your initial design.


I wonder when the delivery of lantern will take place.It was supposed to be in June but until now there is no sign of .I will appreciate it someone could give me more insight on such matter.
Thank you.


They posted an update on Lantern here:

Personally, I like the new design and can see the rational behind the delay. I’d rather wait and get the updated version.


I like he new design too, and the necessary technical improvement. A well designed Lantern Cube will be much more valuable than a quickly produced device.

In the interim we can use the Lighthouse device, or as many of us have, a do-it-yourself Raspberry Pi configuration. With there new ORxPi v0.2.8 software connected to a Ku band antenna, you can experience the full features of Outernet on either platform. Ken


May I suggest you check out the 18650 lithium batteries? They hold significantly higher power than AAs and are rechargeable. They have made quite the impact in the flashlight community. (Feel free to ask around at Something like these


There is also a matter of availability and price.


Understandable, the ones i did link are the higher end protected cells. You can buy them in bulk for very cheap. 18650 batteries are often pulled from a lot of laptop batteries and re-wrapped. If you know what you are doing then you can get them for very, very cheap. Also you don’t have to go with the high capacity 3400 mah. You can get a lower capacity for a fraction of the cost, say a 2600 mah. Just make sure the user has the ability switch it out to a 3400 mah.