LNB Offset Testing (sorry, no more free LNBs)


I second that.

For fun, I’ve been reverse engineering the firmware for a commercial automatic antenna and there’s really not a lot different. It has a magnetometer and accelerometers so it knows which way is north and how the base is tilted… after that, it does the same thing that we all do: wave the antenna around the sky and look for the strongest signal.

It doesn’t even have a GPS so it can’t even roughly point the antenna. At least we can use a web service to ballpark our aim. .oO(“according to google maps, point the antenna at about 2 fists above that tree over there…”)


I like that ‘rule of thumb’… stretch your arm out and a fist is about ten degrees, so
each finger is about two degrees.


After the new lnb lost its signal and lock after the first time I aimed it now that it’s lost it I am unable to find the signal again when I tried to reaim the lnb this past weekend I have to try to aim it again one of these days but if that failes I’ll have to try the old lnb I have a bad feeling that the new lnb has failed.


Tyler, I’m now on the old Maverick LNB on my offset 80 cm dish. It works fine. As you know, the new LNB had lower SNR readings, and since I don’t need the new LNB to close a link, I went back to the Maverick.

I am wondering what’s going to happen in Europe when @Syed Syed gets a new ku provider up. Will I need the new crystal controlled LNB for the new satellite, or will the old Maverick PLL work.

I’m leaving in 2 weeks for Northern Italy, and would like to take the right gear with me. Ken