Many (and probably stupid concerning you) questions

French News would be a great addition, but don’t forget - - the source needs to be at no cost or not copywrited like VOA. Othernet’s big problem getting RSS feeds is for the owner to release it at no charge.

Many Forum members have negotiated those contacts for Othernet which is why there are so many. Ken

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Thanks a lot for all your replies :smile:
I guess that’s my last question:
What’s the difference between Armbian and Skylark? (I know that one is based on Debian, etc. but that’s not what I’d like to know; I’d like to know what can we do with one and can’t with the other and vice versa)

Oh and do you know anything about the next Dreamcatcher? (its release date and/or will it exist?, etc)

I’m so sorry but I’ve another one :cry:
Can we use a power source of 5V/3/A?
This link says that it has to be 5V/2A…

I’m still looking for the best french news but I still don’t find the perfect one. Franceinfo looks great but I don’t think that it’s a perfect one…
I think that it could be great to have a translator/dictionnary multi-languages in Skylark because it could help people to understand what are about texts x). I guess that it’s possible to install this kind of thing but I don’t know how… If it were preinstalled it would be great :slight_smile:

As I said use skylark if you want to use your dreamcatcher as a reciever of satellite content and use Armbian if you want to use the chat software.

There isnt a set update schedule as far as I am aware. Updates will be posted on the forum when they are ready.

Yes you can use that power supply. However a stable voltage is required. The official raspberry pi 3 power supply is recommended.

I recommend the software “ding”.

“ding” uses plain text dictionaries. You can easily create your own dictionaries and save them to the external SD card.

Thanks I’ll use it :smile:

And thanks for all your answers :smiley:

I have this. How can I know if the voltage is stable?

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I don’t know at all how to install Ding because there isn’t command line in Skylark and is Skylark based on Debian/Linux because if not, it seems that we can’t install it…
Moreover, it’s a german-english dictionnary and I don’t know how to create one… Does anyone has ever done this?

The easiest way to find out if it will work is to try it.
Skylark is intended to be lightweight. Installing new software isnt going to be easy.

The best answer is more capability the better. A 2 or 3 amp source will both power the Dreamcatcher. Ken

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Ok so ding seems to be a bad idea because we can’t install it (because Skylark has not command line) and it’s a german-english dictionnary (I’d like to find a french-english one and it is not explained on the Ding’s website how to create your own dictionnary)

note, you can ssh to a dreamcatcher running the skylark OS image. I haven’t had success installing apps that interface with skylark. This is by design to protect the integrity of skylark users.

Good luck with your projects.

Thanks, i’ll try when i’ll find a software to install ^^

Skylark is not Debian or Ubuntu. it is a very small linux. But you can login via ssh and you will get a shell. I’ll try to install ding in Skylark.

The dictionary for ding is simple. You need two colons between the different languages. Here an example (Esperanto - English/German):


Hey guys!
I just ordered my Dreamcatcher :tada:
But here’s a new question for you! x)
This picture comes from the presentation page of the Dreamcatcher v3.05.
I would like to know what is “noise” and is it better when the number is huge or tiny? I have the same question about “Gain” x).
Also, what does mean the “single” in “universal single lnb”?
Moreover, where should be written 4K?

Are you able to help me?

Small number is better.

“Single” means one antenna element inside.

Ignore the reference to 4k.

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