MicroSD Memory Size for v3.02q


As you can see, it’s a micro

card. It might even run one of these …


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Installed Skylark on 64GB SD card. Rufus created 2 partitions 8MB, 300MB, and an unpartitioned 59.1GB section. Plugged it in and after a minute or two, the outernet AP showed up.


can you please report what that unpartitioned space turned into after skylark booted? I want to check if Skylark is using the entire available space or not.

basically a snapshot like this:


Exactly. Now the only question about the 64 GB (and eventually the 128 GB) SDXC is can you actually fill or get past 32 GB of capacity. Just because you can partition it that way, does not mean you can actually get to the data.

As storage gets bigger, there have been boundaries like these. For SD cards, this has been most recently at 2 GB and 32 GB

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does the email say “via yourhostingaccount.com”?


No one’s hacked you. There’s no virus. I get notifications from the forums too. For example I got an e-mail for your question to me:

Lakshmanarao Rayadurg [email protected]
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BTW I don’t work for Outernet. I work for Amplifier Research AR Modular RF in Bothell, WA We build linear amplifiers for commercial and government applications HF-VHF-UHF-SHF for 10 Watts to 1 KW. I’m learning about Outernet, satellites and microwaves like everyone else.

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If they are willing to send a greater than 32GB file, I will be happy to test it out.


Good news, I think the instruction manual (@kenbarbi) should mention that an SDXC 64GB can be used in either sd slot. That means I can put the 64GB version of Rachel onto the data sd slot. (after I try and download it)


thanks! The OS is able to use the whole thing, AND the bootloader is able to deal with the larger card.



I’ll be happy to add it after I make sure it describe it correctly. I’ll try it with the least expensive SanDisk Ultra 64 GB. How should I format it? Will exFAT work OK? What do think about a 128 GB card?

@Abhishek, will the next version of Skylark make any difference with SD cards in a DC 3.02? Once the new DC 3.03 comes out and I purchase one, I’ll redo the Manual for the 3.03. Ken


for SD2 slot, its best to leave the card formatted as it came from the shop. 64GB and 128GB are worth trying, but I can’t be sure if they will work. Theres a good chance they will work in SD2 slot, for backups. The real question is if they will work in the OS slot.

No. DC3.03 is a minor revision from DC3.02 and they are fully software compatible with each other. Same Skylark image will work for both.


OK, I’ll try it first with an out-of-the-box 64 SanDisk Pixtor ($19.99 at BestBuy). I think they come exFAT formatted, but I’ll see.

First, I’ll load it with the 32 GB Rachel data base for the data slot, Then I’ll write the Skylark image over it (without reformatting but sill wiping out Rachel) and try it in the OS slot. Ken


thanks! In both cases, it would be good to see the partition info as reported by the Log Viewer -> System Status, so we know that the entire card is being used and not just a smaller part of it.


My thinking on 128 GB micro SD cards is they are too expensive for many people to use. Not that Outernet will provide them in the kits, but at over $100 per card - - way too expensive for some of us to buy. Ken


As a measuring stick, RachelPi’s are using a 64 GB Micro SDXC. Unless, the DreamCatcher has to carry multiple language copies of everything for a more complex localization, it’s going to be plenty of storage for the SD2 slot.

For the OS slot, how many months, if not years of the Outernet stream can you store into a 64 GB Micro SDXC?

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64 GB Micro SDXC $25 at Walmart.
128 GB Micro SDXC $35 on E-Bay.

In less than a year, this will all continue to drop.

The size of Wikipedia is still less than 16 GB.
Size of Wikipedia

64 GB may be a small amount of space for collectors of movies and a copy of every MP3 ever produced. But it’s really a LOT of space.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Rachel’s version of Wikipedia is at 72 GB. I wonder what all is in it.
English Wikipedia 72 GB

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There is a lot out there… I started with the Rachel 32 GB (a 22GB download) for the rpi which has only 17 out of over 60 “modules” from the english data archive (for example it has only the reduced size wikipedia for schools). The standard Rachel-plus implementation starts with a 500 GB storage. Granted, a lot it is video’s of lectures and things like TED talks.

I needed to add what I thought was important like the dictionary and boundless textbooks so quickly I was over 32 GB


OK… so what I’m hearing is 64 GB minimum, 128 GB ought to do it.

–Konrad, WA4OSH