New: Audio Service through 3.5mm Jack/Speaker Output


awesome idea. Like every other dish aiming hardware has this… Kinda a no brainer when you are aiming!



I see audio frames have stopped as of right now… I rebooted and attached a speaker.

Is audio turned off right now, because I’m not seeing any more audio frames.

When working, is it a 24/7 continuous audio feed, or is it just downloading a .mp3 of sorts and playing that while it goes back to fetching other files?



Today looking at Wikipedia via Outernet. Check out Monaco. To the right is a box showing the “Hymn of Monaco” and is playable. Fantastic sound, just over a minute. I realize this is an imbedded mp3 file part of the main Monaco file. No stuttering or looping heard.


@Abhishek Did the audio frames status get added to the Status API?

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Apparently I keep missing audio feeds. I don’t leave it plugged into a speaker 24/7, nor do I have the model with the audio LED.

@Abhishek @Syed Any idea when the next time there will be audio streaming so I can tune in?




just restarted it, just for you :wink:

give it a shot.


workin :slight_smile:


working on what I captured. Finding. Precessing.


It’s flowing good. some skips.


Loving it! You killed like 3 electronics projects I was in the middle of juggling at 5AM to try to capture this. :slight_smile: Thanks man.



Interesting, I was not getting any audio frames until I did a reboot. The “stream” on turner status kept changing from files to audio. But it needed a reboot. Now I have solid audio


Same here. I had to reboot to start capturing the audio. The same happened a couple of days ago.


Had to go dig out a little speaker. Nice. Would love to see something like KEXP, KCRW, WNUR broadcasted :slight_smile:


just wondering what unit you guys are using? I am using a DC 3.02 and it skips quite a bit.


I’m running 3.02 - SNR -1.25 - RSSI -74 - PER 0.006

What the hell is: dT (ms) always wondered on that one. Google was no help.



Right now using wireless router mode and listening from audio jack. Need to increase level using alsamixer. How do I get at this device to do so? That is using Linux terminal. Was able to do so when playing with Chat and different image loaded.


Download putty and use the IP address to get into the DC.


Thanks, kinda of forgot!


Listener Request: Classical music. This genre is truly International. Little tired of what’s playing now.


Do you have a source?