***New Release: Skylark 5.8

Skylark 5.8 is available for download.


This is release includes only very minor changes that are related to reception in North America.

  • Default frequency (on first boot) changed to 12.1032
  • Default LNB changed to dual-band
  • Names of LNBs changed to reflect the number of LOs in the LNB

Does this moon cover Tunisia?
How can I buy a receiver?

Welcome to the Othernet Community. Yes, Astra 3B does cover Tunisia - - I’m sure Syed will fill you in on the details purchasing their product. Ken

Feel free to purchase directly from the website.

Many users have concerns and questions on the reliability of the SD card as the main drive when running Single Board Computers (SBC) like the Dreamcatcher.

Raspberry pi groups have added this performance test utility that may be of interest… I have not tested in the Dreamcatcher yet… it may work on armbian.

Have had good success with SanDisk ultra 32GB and 64GB memory cards in the secondary slot.
Memory cards over 32 GB will need a special format program to get FAT32 access.
Have found read only access to the first or secondary memory cards is fast and reliable.
I use Windows 10 to put files and folders on the secondary memory card.

Which lnb setting matches the older Maverick lnb?

It’s the single LO

Ok thank you