Newbie outhernet venezuela


hi there i need to have some questions about outernet
now im living at venezuela and i just need to know if outenet provides access to google, facebook, or youtube and i just need to know if the device can be sended via dhl or fedex to my country and what payments are permited if i can pay using bitcoins or credict card


Hi, Othernet is NOT the Internet.

It’s a ONE WAY service so you can only receive Content that is send down but you can’t request a website etc.

So no you can’t access Youtube Facebook etc. because there is no Internet Connection Possible with a one way satellite Link.



Why they make big propaganda that othernet is the solution for high speed internet and free through satellite ?
What is the benefit from receiving contents only?
Is ther any wahre in the world offer free internet service ?



Othernet never said anywhere that they are a Internet provider.
I know that there are some news outlets that say Othernet is a Internet Provider over sattellite what is wrong.

Also, if you don’t have any connection to the outer world like in africa for example, then any news or content in general from around the world is great. Just think about it.