No Frame Lock problems

I see quite a few RX stations w/o frame lock. Of course many causes are possible.
My setup seems to be working. I guess I’m lucky.
It consists of 35cm dish, and Maverick-1 LNBF, about 3 meters of RG-6, the newest DC, 2.5 amp PS and wireless to my router. Light rain now, SNR +2.75 (was 5 when clear an hour ago). RSSI is 83.
I set frequency of LNBF to 12102.95. Have frame lock. At frequency of 121032.00, SNR is -6 and no frame lock. I do not know why. This is the specified frequency to use. I picked 12102.95 based on the lowest Freq Offset (post-AFC) (Hz) reading over a few hours.

Syed @Syed you were going to send a message to all Dremcatcher customers advising them of the change in frequency. Did you do that yet? I didn’t get the message, but you know I know what’s going on. Ken

Not yet. I’m waiting to see if we can resolve a bug in the chat app tomorrow. If that doesn’t work then I will send the notice on Friday. I’m including information about the chat app in the same email.