Off topic - Another offgrid LoRa comms project


Look what I found today from the The Things Network


@donde Can you send the link from the website?

Great stuff! Hoping to collaborate with Kevin on protocol level stuff. We ran into a bit of a roadblock but hopefully this shift to DSR may open the collaboration again

You might also like to take a look at the dual radio hardware if you’re making a board:

Hardware files are here under GPL

I’ll try.

[email protected]

OK I copied and web site but not sure if it worked. The set it a little strange.

Did you get it? Maybe if I send it to your personal email, which I don’t know?

When you click on the link in your email, I assume you are taken to a specific web page, right? When you are on that page, can you copy the URL?

I’m very interested in what this is going to evolve in to with the othernet community getting involved

Browsing around was reminded of something on that could possibly do lora.
And a modem that uses those frequencies