Othernet HTML data selector Version#4

Soon to be released Version #4 of accessv4.htm:
What this project has turned into is one very powerful media server for the Dreamcatcher with all the up to date news, weather and more.

For example my newly purchased Fire stick from Amazon now displays all the media and Othernet data on the living room big screen TV :slight_smile:

Hardest part was setting up bookmarks in the Firefox browser, tricky uses the button with the three lines on it to get back to the pin it menu.
First you need a simple log in book mark for Othernet “” on my setup.

Second bookmark link to Robert’s othernet.htm must be the long “”

Another example"“”
Note the “guest/” and the IP address is for hotspot mode on the Dreamcatcher.

First log in as guest with bookmark, start bookmark for Robert’s othernet.htm and have fun.

Starting this way solved all the screen navigation problems with the Fire Stick 4k everything runs full screen.

Same procedure works on the Amazon silk browser,seems to support more video resolutions.

Lots more to come over the next days.

Ok listen up, version #3 only requires the correct IP number in the startup bookmark easy to setup easy to use, version #4 will basically require you to set up the correct IP numbers for the selector buttons in the last section of the accessv4.htm code and any customization of the links, #4 if you like to customized things.

I have included Robert’s code offerings in the version #4 package othernet.htm archive.htm current.htm, the main example of othernet.htm has a typo that causes errors, these files plus the old version of othernet.htm all work and are in the package also included version 3 in version 4 package read help4.txt.

Amazon Firestick 4K demo on big screen, because of a lack of buttons/controls the messages,news, Wikipedia are best read in full screen mode. Ok just figured out how to scroll, get inside the frame press the center of the joystick then hit the ring up or down :slight_smile:

Clicking on links “Modified,Name,Date” in the message windows will change the sort order of the files. Found Firestick browsers do not support PDF files.

Well another day of discovery, currently have 6 devices on the Othernet server have an Intel Windows 10 stick on one TV and the Firestick on the other, server will amazingly handle 3 HD streams or 5 lower res movie streams.
Definitely going to upgrade the secondary memory card to 64GB .
Nice home server, the better the browser and the computer that runs the browser the more amazing it gets, just thinking about all the plugins for Firefox , no telling what someone could make work.

Just added a ton of files to the secondary SD memory card, after booting up I went to bookmarks that directly access files, It refused the request multiple times, pulled up the login screen repeatedly but did not actually login then requested direct file access, refused again, logged into Skylark as guest then requested direct access, bingo it worked.
I know once logged in the session last 3-6 hours. And then you must log in again.

I guess I’ve been away from this forum for a while. Who is Robert and what does the project do on the Othernet. Just a link would be fine.

Here are some other threads relating to what Robert and myself have been working on.

Just another example of how powerful this server set up can be, iTunes music files are in m4a format, If you install the VLC player into Windows 10 with Firefox as the browser it will automatically offer you VLC to play.
Just got access to my huge library of iTunes songs :slight_smile:
Also works with full length 2+ hours MP4/Mov files. Once VLC takes over the direct stream you can close all browsers and the music or movie stream runs uninterrupted.

I’m Robert from Berlin (Germany). I have experimented a little with the Dreamcatcher. Since the current GUI eats up a lot of resources and does not run on older browsers, I am working on ways around this GUI.

For me the Dreamcatcher is mainly there to download files from the internet. Now my second SD card is only for archiving the othernet files. For me the stability of the system is important. The Dreamcatcher should run in my weekend house in summer without any problems. I download MP3 files, offline Wikipedia etc. from a laptop.

OK Robert,
Good luck

Enjoying my my new found Dream catcher home server, last night watched Blade runner 2049 in HD and caught up on all the latest news with my bedroom big screen.
Not bad for the cost of 30 foot of RG-6 cable and the time putting the files on the secondary memory card of the dreamcatcher board.
Always wanted a home media server but this one using a different set of boomarks just keeps going even after the Internet fails, all your favorite stuff and non stop updates from Outernet are always available on your phone,tablet or TV. One more round of memory card upgrade 64GB, and putting the Dreamcatcher in a slightly better location and this will be a permanent addition to my home. Best part it was free with the Othernet kit for me all less than 100 Dollars.

Let me know if you find the home server useful :slight_smile:

Some how the Firestick 4K is staying connected day after day to the Othernet server just delays a few seconds when you make the first data request the next day, strange devices.

Having problems upgrading secondary SD memory card to 64GB with ext2 / NTFS format, needs to be FAT32 only to work with Dreamcatcher server.
So the maximum card size is 32GB/FAT32 formatted, If I am missing something here please let me know.

Matt, you can format your SDHC or SDXC cards to FAT32 with AOMEI Partition Assistant. I have done one as large as 128 GB this way.


Bingo it worked 64GB FAT32 server, Thank You so much :slight_smile:
If someone gets an even larger server running let us know.

“Matt, you can format your SDHC or SDXC cards to FAT32 with AOMEI Partition Assistant. I have done one as large as 128 GB this way.”

This server runs really stable, anything started with a “/FS/get/” URL will run high speed and stable.
Different browsers/plugins offer vastly different capabilitys with this server.
What runs on one browser may not play on another, video resolutions, format etc…
Fire stick browsers do not support PDF for example, Amazon silk browser support more video modes than Firefox browser in the Firestick.
I recommend Chrome browser on devices that offer it the one exception is desktop Windows 10 looks best on Firefox latest for best performance and speed.

Another option for formatting large sd cards is fat32format gui.