Othernet Satellite Radio in Europe


If I understand correctly, Othernet Satellite Radio for Europe is not offered permanently. Is that right?

Is this service offered sporadically or are there specific transmission times?

Thank you

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Hi Robert,

you can Receive Othernet in Europe 24/7 since a few Months ago. You only need a Dreamcatcher Receiver including a normal LNB and a View to Astra 3B.

Audio is 1h on / Off at the moment.

regards from germany,

Correct - the audio service in EU operates on a 1-hour-on, 1-hour-off schedule.

But the change is not made at the full hour - is it?

Nope, i think like :45 or so. But i don’t have anything official about that sadly

Hey Guys!
Can i contact Othernet by email??