Outernet 3.0: 30kbps now, 100kbps eventually - even smaller antenna


I would think so.

The “old” Dreamcatcher also came with Antenna and a short sma cable.



The new Dreamcatcher 3 kit will include:

  • Dreamcatcher 3 with hardware radio (no SDR)
  • QVGA LCD display
  • Speaker (must be hand soldered by user)
  • female F-connector to female SMA adapter (RG6 cable is user supplied)
  • SMA/SMA cable - 6-inches
  • Maverick MK1 Ku-band LNB
  • USB wifi dongle (EDUP)

***No enclosure, no power supply, no USB cables. The current US beam is receiving at 20kbps, which is 10x the L-band speed. We will eventually go higher, but this is our starting point.

The initial sale price will be $99.


Thanks for the infos.
So DC3 (with WIFI dongle) -> sma cable -> sma to F-type adapter->Maverick LNB right?



Maybe an sd card with installed software? ie : ready to fire up !


I think NOT :disappointed_relieved:



Can not wait. Pretty HYPED for the next gen/take. Hope I catch one from the first round.


I want one! Sign me up!

I’m more anxious than a ten-year old waiting for a rocket launch.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


eta of when i we can order?


Nice. Will the broadcast go live around the same time the hardware is delivered?


Yes, that’s the plan. The first 100pcs are on the assembly line right now. And the pre-contract test signal is currently running.


How about a picture of production line showing DC’s?


When do you expect to get a signal over Europe?


April or so, unless we can find European resellers sooner.


I think for most of Europe this project is only interesting as a tinkering project for radio amateurs.
I had some fun with the L-band receiver but I will not order this next one, it gets boring pretty quickly when you already have multiple internet connections in place. (we even have our own amateur radio datanetwork)

It would be better to focus on regions where demand for such an offline data service is likely to be higher, such as in the middle east region and Africa.


Outernet has to decide what it wants to be. I think the spreading of information to the “UNCONNECTED” is the Purpose of OUTERNET. Westernized Radio hobbyists are a great bunch, but we already have everything we need in life.


That is what I mean. When using Ku, coverage has to be bought in relatively small patches, and coverage of the middle east is likely more useful than western Europe.


Oneweb low earth Orbit satellites apparently will be using KU frequencies.

From what I understand in order to not upset Dish based ground reception of KU signals from Geostationary Satellites, the moving Oneweb LEO satelites will offset their beams to earth into a north or South transmission and over the equator their will be no transmission.

As GEO Ku ground station dishes have a approximate 2 degree beamwidth this is expected to allow both LEO and GEO satellites to each use the KU frequencies.

OUTERNT will now be receiving KU frequencies without a dish. Has anyone given a thought to how the New Oneweb LEO KU satellites will effect the Outernet KU transmission.


We know exactly what we want to do, but that doesn’t mean there is a near term business in doing that. Above all else, we need to exist. In order to exist, we must sell. We prefer to sell to those that really need our service, but our current price points are far too high for that market. Only increased volume of production and an expansive distribution channel results to lower costs. We have a plan to sell a $30 satellite radio (audio and data), but only production volumes of 100,000 units and up get us to that price point. In the meantime, we focus on any markets that also find the service valuable.

There have been several ideas here about getting UN/Red Cross/Governments/“insert-large-well-funded organization-here” to subsidize all product and service costs. I’ve interacted with these types of organizations for going on three years now. Lots of talk, but never any action.

In lieu of a large subsidy to operate the network and produce the units, we need to focus on customers.

Elon Musk wants to go to Mars–and he is launching telecom satellites to do so. Tactics may not always appear to be inline with a strategy.


i have to agree with @Syed due to the fact they are going in to uncharted territory with this service and might i add a spot where its not cheep or easy to work in so they are doing there best to offer a service that works and one that helps as many people that it can and look how far we have come from the first gen of outernet to now and how much more compact it has gotten and with it going in this direction it is only going to get better Outernet just needs our support.


Excellent! I’ll look forward to purchasing a kit as soon as it becomes available. Still impressed that it won’t take a dish on KU. It is worth the “price of admission”, just to see this non-dish sorcery.