Outernet for sailors (weather forecast grib files)

Unfortunately not yet. The part with the battery is still missing because the lowest layer just won’t fit into the hole. I need to make a new one with the CNC first. But there are no LEDs in my setup plus the transparent ball would not light up in the dark like a white one. I don’t have a lot of time at the moment to work on it, but I’ll make a video when its ready.

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I love this, very creative and ultra functional.

I have been thinking about how to make a knock-off beach ball satellite dish form one of the 2m mega-beachballs. maybe slice a 1.5m one at the equator and add an aluminum urethane painted ‘dish’ cut out from a 2m ball dissolve the extra form the 2m ball to make glue and aptches to reassemble(also steal the valve form the 2m ball to do higher pressure on the top side to ‘dish’ the inner aluminized dish) for a great field QO-100 rig(if I ever get to doing a dxpedition).

Good evening, I didn’t post here for a while, but I am still working on improving my tracker.
I made a new base with batteries, switches, a charging plug, and a mounting thread. It is now working again and I will still do a video of the setup with the beach ball. Butt the switches and stuff are all drilled through the base of the inspection hatch. I noticed that the beach ball was losing air over time, which is not very practical for long time use. I don’t know if the air escapes via the switches or the seal of the inspection hatch.
I will now try a geodesic sphere as a case. The one on the picture is made of cardboard pizza boxes as a template for a test fit, but I will make it of the same white board as the CNC parts of the tracker. This should solve the stability issues of the beach ball and still be waterproof enough with the inspection hatch in its base.


Here is the tracker mounted in the sphere. One panel is missing so I can check how it is doing inside. But everything is moving as it should so I guess I can make a plastic one in this size.