Outernet for sailors (weather forecast grib files)


The product itself will be different and will not include the same LNB. But the modulation will be the same, so the existing receiver kits will all continue working.


Will it be possible to upgrade the older DC 3.xx boards with the new LNB?



We are still working through the details, but likely there will not be an F-connector on the LNB. It will all be integrated into a single housing.


Do you mean a fixed length cable will come out of the new LNB and plug into the current DC 3.x? Or a totally new board with an integrated LNB? Tell us now so we can save up!


This is a totally new board that integrates a few major components (LNB, speaker, display). It will not be anywhere near as flexible as Dreamcatcher.


Would you still manufacturer the dreamcatcher so that hobbyis or people who need the main board separate from the atenna can still use those setup or will you be making it so It can. Have a external attenna


We will sell Dreamcatchers for as long as people want to buy them. Having an antenna that can be separated adds a good bit of cost to a finished product, so that will likely not be the case.


@Syed, will the new enclosure will be weather-resistant so that it can be left outdoors?


Are you intending to sell this new design as a commercial product? Will the hobbyists and brilliant experimenters that helped you get to this point, be thrown under the bus? And the DC.3xx will be seen in the rear view mirror, fading away.


@maxboysdad Yes, the enclosure will definitely be weather-resistant.

@donde I don’t understand how Dreamcatcher is related to a new product we sell. They will both be running off of the same network.


It is a little difficult to understand how a speaker and display would be usable in the outdoor setting that is needed for the lnbf to pick up the signal. I assume this means wifi interface is really not the intended application. ?


I thought Dreamcatcher 3.xx would continue to evolve and be updated in firmware/software. It would get a water resistant case, a new LNB cone, improved audio, a better power supply solution, more coverage with 2 new beams. I didn’t know about this new product till now. Maybe I wasn’t following along as much. Could you tell us more? Thanks


Wifi will still be available, but we want to make sure that the radio can also function by completely by itself. The display is not meant for content viewing; it’s for configuration.


Please forgive my harsh post. I didn’t know about the new product. But still continuing with the DC 3.


This brings up a different question. Could the ‘touch screen’ be eliminated and replaced with a simpler display with a couple of up/down/enter keys for menu items scrolling? Since the display will rarely be used it might save a couple of bucks on the new version. I don’t really like the display resistive touchscreen particularly if is embedded behind a weather proof case.

(probably should shift this thread to a future feature request forum)


@ac8dg Excellent idea :wink:


What new product and where will you be offering satellite coverage?


It’s a similar type of receiver, but as a finished product. By the time it is commercially available, we’ll have offer cover in Europe and Oceania, at least.


Do you have any pictures of what it’s going to look like?


So if I understand correctly, I will be able to use the old setup with the dreamcatcher and the separate LNB parallel to the new product?