Outernet for sailors (weather forecast grib files)


We downlink in the EU beam of SES4. I doubt anyone will have luck receiving it in the US from another transponder.

@Martin has your package arrived yet?


Unfortunately not. the USPS tracker says it passed through a facility in Frankfurt March 9 at 1:43 pm after beeing held in customs. But the DHL tracker says they are still waiting for the shipment details.


That was me (the one in the UK)…switched mine on to test the cables worked, and the LNB - the DC reports it’s working fine…just got to find a spot!


Will SES-4 be 183 and 11529.7 tomorrow Sunday 17 Mar? I’m going to find a clear view then to try it. Ken


@kenbarbi: it is currently 165 and 11529.7, and will be the same tomorrow as well. Do please monitor this thread in case I have to make a unplanned change.


OK - - I’ll be out 24 hours from now (1600 EDT on 17 Mar) in the mid-afternoon, and will report back. Skylark won’t be on line as I’ll be remote. Ken


It appears that Zoltan has lock in Budapest. Ken


Reception Report SES-4 Annapolis, MD

No signal received on portable Dreamcatcher - - tests run from 1030 to1100 EDT 17 Mar on SES-4 22W using 165 and 11529.7 from 2 different locations with clear sky views. Elevation of 18.6 deg, azimuth (magn) 125.3 deg, and skew of -45.1 deg. During this time period SES-4 reported signal lock in Budapest, Hungary. Ken


There now is a Thread for EU Beam report, i got my Station Online today after receiving my DC 3.03 here in Germany.


Hi All, I’m in the UK and happy to test and report, but how do I order a 3.03 to the UK? The delivery options are not suited for Europe.