Please, Please Give your Indigogo Funders an Update

Many of your original funders have not received an update since September 2018. Please give us an update and tell us 1) the likelihood we will ever receive our Lantern and 2) if we will receive it when will that be?

I received this email from Syed two weeks ago.


Syed Karim|Tue, Jun 25, 4:09 PM (13 days ago)

We’ll start production after we confirm the new circuit board. It usually takes about 4 weeks to acquire all of the parts. I have been so wildly off with targets that I don’t like to say, but I would assume we could start shipping by the end of the summer.

This version of Lantern is just not that great. It’s been really frustrating because after all of this time, we still haven’t made a really great product–though everything does work better than we described long ago.

Hello @Greenman, I have a proposal for implementing Othernet.


I am still awaiting my “Lantern.” I have no other affiliation with the company.