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Don, I’m pretty sure I read that in one of Abhishek’s posts. Finding it will be the real trick :tired_face:

I’ve got my FM broadcaster set up here and can listen to the audio feeds all over the house. They are habit forming. I can hardly wait for Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” mixed with VOA News for 48 hours straight - - it might be hard to separate out the fake news :rofl:. Ken


Ken, kind of believe AP is not molested yet when the journalists send their their stories home. So I read AP online before anything else. After that, who knows. I’m old enough to remember UPI, AP, and Movietone News playing in theaters just before the main feature. I trusted them along with Cronkite.


Sounding good tuesday morning.


Syed did good for Halloween - - War of the Worlds plays well :heart_eyes:

Today is the 80th Anniversary of its performance on October 30,1938, on CBS. Ken


I did not do good. That was all @Abhishek


I was enjoying it while getting ready for work.


no 10/30 news feeds yet today?



The Spanish Public National Radio and Television Service (RTVE - Radio Televisión Española) has a lot of podcasts about news in several languages. I think that a closer look may show a lot of very interesting news feeds and podcatst. Like the international podcast news “Cinco continentes”


As I assume a lot of final othernet users will be located in central and south american countries and other countries with spanish as a main language (like Guinea Equatorial in Africa) this podcast and other could be interesting

For non european people notice that RTVE Radio Service (RNE) is a concept close to the NPR service in the US.

Hope this information will be useful

Keep going on!

Eduard Vives


It seems I had overloaded the carousels a bit and some of the files weren’t going around enough times to ensure a high probability of delivery. I have fixed that now - are you still seeing missing news/weather packs?


Thank you. So far, the only thing after the 10/29 articles is the APRS, that is dated 10-31. All others still old.


At 10 PM EDT checking and find all news feeds appear to have updated. Thanks again!


We may be able to use Creative Commons radio streams



This is a great link. I had not seen it before. I’ll spend some time with it. By the way, news from Associated Press is looking promising.


The Creative Commons page has tons of dead links. A lot of those stations don’t exist anymore.

What do you think of this: AP News Radio


This link was clear. 1 minute of sports, a mini brief, 1 minute of news , then a ‘commercial break’. Don’t know if you can filter it so the advertising is not there… check the contract terms


That would be another “break thru” :heart_eyes:

Perhaps you could fold it in with VOA and the Old Time Radio. Ken


We would have access to all of the Associated Press wire service, which is tens of thousands of words or original reporting per day. That’s several hours of content, at least. But they have few stories that are made into audio clips. We would need to create the audio by having either humans read the stories or a robot read it, similar to the announcements you currently hear. Humans are far more expensive than robots, but they are also much easier to listen to over any length of time.


I was thinking about it what if they came down in a text file and then a text to speech program reads it out that would be a way to reduce be usage and send more content down faster with the ability to have different news audio feed that are generated by the local device from text files.


Please inquire to add Democracy Now broadcasts or at least transcripts. Also some Indymedia may be available. Thanks!


Feel free to call me crazy… but how about the Joe Rogan podcasts? I feel they are no more politically biased than other sources like the VOA, etc… He has a wide variety of guests left to right to neutral. Maybe a late night thing? The podcasts are typically long at 2-3 hours long. I’ll check on availability for free rebroadcast.

There are a good 1000+ Podcasts in his archive and a large percentage of those are long interviews with amazing people. The group could pick a handful of ‘appropriate’ ones.

Anyone that counters with, ‘he’s too far left’ or ‘his guests are too eccentric’ arguments… You just skimmed the offerings on the web page. Dig deeper. There are tons of amazing interviews with notable scientists and philosophers among others. This may be an easy win to get things like a 3 hour interviews with people like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk, Anthony Bourdain… without some middle-man agency digging for cash handouts for usage rights.

I suggest this because not only do I like Rogan, but I feel like he probably owns the rights to his content.