Podcasts to Broadcast


How are you programming the audio broadcast? Do you use a radio station application? Many of them are free and allow the scheduling of podcasts and other MP3 type audio. I know that Kim Elliot of the
VOA Radiogram would be very interested in an experimental outlet. I can put you in touch if you like.

In the same manner as the many shortwave outlets do, you could broker some time on the stream. I’m sure that Brother Stair would tear your arm off for more spectrum! And there’s always the ARRL Audio News.

Do you have a shortwave radio? Try tuning to 5085KHz in the late afternoon and early evening. Those guys do lots of ham podcast stuffs as well as the usual shortwave over-opinionated stuff.

I could put together a demo if you’d like?

@Mark_Phillips I completely missed this post. I’m sorry about that. Let’s finish with the EU beam bring up and then revisit this topic.