Reception Issues with Dreamcatcher v3.05

I cannot seem to receive the signal with the hardware shipped Nov 14th, 2019. I have setup and configured the hardware per the setup guide for Americas. I am located in Kansas City, so I am well within the beam coverage. When I point the LNB at the satellite, I am seeing an RSSI of -75 dBm and SNR of -17. Interestingly, when I point the LNB at the ground I see a RSSI -75 dBm and SNR of -17. I have checked the coax from the Dreamcatcher to LNB and it is good. Is the LNB bad? I’ve talked to another person here in Kansas City and he’s seeing the same issue. He received his hardware the same time as me.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this issue?

Since you have signal… or did for few seconds since the tuner status screen is not “blank”

Can you describe the other fields in the tuner-app, status tab screen
Like the number of packets received example screen

Make sure you are pointed at 167° magnetic. Then slowly sweep up from the horizon. If there are any obstructions you most likely wont get a signal without a dish.

Did you receive the Avenger dual band LNB? If so, can you make sure that the LNB setting is changed to match that?

I wonder if there are a few bad LNBs being shipped. I could not get the “Universal Single LNB” that came with my last v.3.05 to respond correctly. It showed a SNR of -17.5 in Tuner, no matter whether it was pointed correctly or not. The DreamCatcher was set properly for it. The Hot spot worked flawlessly, but the LNB would not. I replaced it with a Maverick 1, re-set up the DreamCatcher 3.05, and it worked properly. I intend to experiment more with this unit later on.