Recycling an LNB from an old Dish sat dish

You need to buy or build a completely new receiver, the original one is no longer usable.
See the website.

I Played around with a shaw direct dish (75E) last weekend and pulled in 64 channels on galaxy 19. I used satellite finder iphone app to point the dish and an older 700s captiveworks receiver to receive the signal. I used the older linear dual lnb. while I was searching for the signal nothing showed on the signal and quality bars but I did a blind scan and starting picking up channels. Once I rebooted the receiver the 64 channels were there, many only 50% on quality signal but watchable. Problem was there wasn’t much of interest to me mostly religious and foreign language channels.
I re positioned the dish to other sats but couldn’t pick them up.


Second biggest country on the planet and he’s being “precise”. Thanks for that. A much needed laugh.