Search Wikipedia via APRS?


well, it exists in the sense that the email will goto @syed and he will have to figure out a way to format and put the wikipedia page on the carousel. theres no automation behind it.


Well in that case, I won’t send a request LOL!!! I was literally about to do that too :slight_smile:
You guys are probably busy enough right now, but once there is some form of automation it would be a great idea… People in remote areas who can use HF radio can send email by Winlink ( and sailmail ( to request pages for their community Outernet


HQ is in a building with a very large roof, so I think carrier pigeons could also be used for requests.


So there would be a lot of Wikipedia request for and pigeon poop! :slight_smile:


We can do that today with IP Over Avian Carrier: see RFC1149 and RFC2549 and RFC6214. Although IPoAC suffers from large latency, it has potential for huge bandwith. :grin:

@Syed you can ignore the APRS wikipedia request I sent earlier. I’m going to try sending another via the ISS on the next favorable pass just as a proof of concept. You don’t need to actually put it on the carousel.


HAHA!! @Martin_Nile
I see one of my HF beacons from PSKMail managed to get picked up today too “M0KNC>PSKAPR,TCPIP*,qAS,OE5RTL:!5101.00N/00119.00Wy jpskmail 1.8.7 test 10.148Mhz Hello to OUTNET”


So you are the first to Outernet vis HF APRS well done Neil.


Hey guys thought I would drop a note regarding APRS to the ISS. I successfully pulled it off the other day and even saw my message come up on the APRS logs in Outernet, so that is kind of fun (just think, it went from earth to space twice!). I wanted to let anyone else who wanted to try this know that there has been a change in the APRS frequency for ISS since last November. In October their normal radio went dead. They pulled out a backup and hooked it up for APRS, but it is on UHF. The frequency is 437.550. UHF is more susceptible to doppler so they recommend you program a set of channels and shift during the pass. This is how I set mine up.

The good news is that they should be back up and running on VHF sooner rather than later because the new radio was just delivered today!


Oops, meant to post this on another APRS thread, well you might want to know here too!


When you do get around to setting this one up are you up for grepping for a language tag?

Eg [en] would return a page from the English [Fr] would return a page from the French?